2020 TSRA Summer Meeting

Dear TSRA Members,
I hope all is well with each of you and your companies.  While this has been a year to remember, we hope that each of you are safe.
Please mark your calendars for our upcoming TSRA Summer Meeting today!  The meeting details:
July 31st, 2020
Gaylord Springs Golf Club
18 Springhouse Lane
Nashville, TN 37214
Meeting will be from 9-11AM with golf afterwards.  Cost of the meeting is $100.00 per person.  You can pay cash, check or credit card at the door or via paypal ([email protected]).
We will send a formal agenda out in a few days but please mark your calendars to attend this annual event.  If you are attending, please email Andrew Rice to let him know how many people from your company will attend and if you are playing golf!
For those coming from out of town, we plan on having dinner on Thursday evening at Blue Moon Waterfront Grill 525 Basswood Ave. Nashville, TN 37209.  
We look forward to a great time together!

Update Dept. of Commerce and Insurance

Dear TSRA Members,

Recently we had a conference call with Toby Compton, Assistant Commissioner with Dept. of Commerce and Insurance.  The purpose of the call was to discuss the increasing thefts of catalytic converters across the state as well as discuss enforcement.  Here is the summary:
Catalytic Converters:  The state has seen a rise in converter thefts over the past several months especially prior to COVID-19.  We don’t feel any rule changes are necessary at this time but we need to report any “non-registered” scrap dealers to the department.  They are sending enforcement agents across the state to inspect any reported claims.  All claims should be made under TSRA.  You can use [email protected]com as the contact email.
In addition to investigation of claims, they are also sending our inspectors to all licensed dealers as soon as COVID-19 blows over.  We need to be their eyes and ears as to any suspicious activity.  They are doing all they can to enforce the laws we have all worked so hard to put in place.
Enforcement: Currently we should notify the department over their website at TN.gov under TSRA as the person making the claim.  They will notify local authorities as well as send out their own inspectors to the site of the claim.
I know this is not a top priority due to current COVID-19 restrictions, but we will see more theft in the future once prices rise from the ashes!
Thank you again for all you do for TSRA and I hope you all stay safe during this time!


2020 Legislative Winter Meeting

To all TSRA Members:
We hope you are making plans to attend next weeks TSRA meeting in Nashville. We are excited about 2020 and look forward to a great time together. Our guest speaker is Greg Adkins, TN Beverage Association. Greg will let us know how we can work together to oppose the “bottle bill” which we expect again this year.
Please make plans to attend this meeting!! This is a great opportunity for you to bring a friend to the meeting to hear what TSRA is all about…
January 15, 2020
Cordell Hull Building
425 5th Ave. North
Nashville, TN 37243
Conference Room 8C
Please confirm your attendance with Andrew Rice, [email protected]
See you next week!

Summer Meeting/Golf Outing

Dear TSRA Members,
Thank you for those of you who have already signed up for our upcoming meeting in Nashville August 9th. We are pleased to announce some special guest who have agreed to attend the meeting:
Chairman Timothy Hill, State Rep. from District 3 (Johnson City area) – Chairman Hill co-sponsored our bill this year to help clean up record keeping for auto parts yards which was a victory for TSRA. Chairman Hill recently visited our facility here in Morristown, TN and he saw first hand the benefits of recycling. He is a tremendous asset to have in our corner for TSRA.
Toby Compton, Assistant Commissioner, TN Dept. of Commerce and Insurance – Toby is fairly new to this dept. and we look forward to meeting him and letting him get to know TSRA
August 9th 9-11:30 am Meeting, Cost $100.00 per person
Golf – We have secured 20 people for golf so far. If you are golfing, please e-mail Andrew Rice [email protected]
Place: Gaylord Springs Golf Club
18 Springhouse Ln, Nashville, TN 37214
NOTE: Please pay with check or use PayPal. PayPal e-mail address is [email protected](Tennessee Scrap Recyclers Association)
Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone August 9th!

Passage of TSRA Bill to streamline record keeping at parts yards

Dear TSRA Members:
We are please to announce that our TSRA sponsored SB1491/HB 533 passed both Senate and House and will be signed into legislation starting July 1, 2019. We owe much gratitude to our bill sponsors Sen. Paul Bailey [email protected] and Rep. Timothy Hill [email protected] Please take time to e-mail them a thank you for their work to get this bill passed. Especially if you are in their district, please let them know your appreciation! This bill passage is a major victory for all of us in the state especially those who sell used parts. Also, please send this to non TSRA members and let them know what we are doing for them. Invite them to join TSRA!
In addition, please see updates for all bills we are tracking this year. We have had a very successful legislative session. Thank you to all members who participated as needed to achieve this success!
We are on the home stretch now as the session should be closing in a few weeks. More updates to come!

Scrap Metal Rules Approved

To all TSRA Members:
We have had another success getting our Scrap Metal Rules passed as we recommended in our 2017 Legislation.  A copy of the new rules can be found in the link below.
The Joint Govt. Ops Committee passed our new rules unanimously.   This passing confirms our legislation regarding who is required to obtain a scrap dealer license as well as streamlined the definitions on “Regulated” scrap materials.
Thanks again for all your help as well as our lobbyist for their help getting this passed.  We all had a colaberative effort getting this done!

2018 Summer Meeting Notes – Nashville, TN

TSRA Meeting Notes 7/20/18

  • –  We started the meeting with a visit from Representative Glen Casada. He spoke briefly on the importance of building relationships with our Senators, and calling them possibly for a visit to your location. He also spoke on the dramatic change that was about to take place within the offices. He stated that “2 of the 16” would still hold seats they currently held.
  • –  Ross then gave a review of where we are as a group. We are ultimately a unified group that identifies recyclers.
  • –  Tom Rice spoke on the benefits, and group services of being an ISRI member. One of those things being money saved. Through state funding from ISRI, you essentially get 125% of your chapter dues money back.
  • –  Ross spoke on LKQ, and our continued fight against them. They claim the recycling industry has a “theft problem”, and is a “cottage industry”. Ross stated that in researching, it has been found that 287 out of the 187,000 vehicles reported on NMVITS had a “stolen” status. This number does not reflect a “theft problem”. He also stated that it was made clear that we do not want to impose more regulations against our customers.
  • –  Our lobbyists Kim Adkins, and Steve Buttry gave an update on the current happenings within the political landscape. With all of the “chairs” changing, and “shifting”, they highlighted the need for continued efforts of recyclers to know their “people”. They also noted that there will be all new people in agencies, as well as new staff in TDEC.
  • –  Steve Levetan gave a summary on the Solid Waste meeting with TDEC. He noted that “we were not their target”. TDEC was wanting us to record every grade, and type of material we buy, and ask TDEC permission. They have now decided to review yards as they do landfills yearly. TDEC has agreed to work with us, and agreed upon attempting to reduce waste by 25%.
  • –  Representative Kent Calfee also paid us a visit, and spoke on the huge turnover in the house about to take place. He wanted us to know how important recycling is to him, and should be to everyone. He said he wants to make sure everyone is doing what they can to keep our environment cleaner.
  • –  Andrew and Ross then spoke on the importance of new members, and building our group. We have to extend our group to more than just scrap metal recyclers. We need to reach out to those that recycle cardboard, plastics, etc.
  • –  At the close of our meeting, we voted to elect Aaron Kolb as the new treasurer, and Andrew Rice as the new VP.

New Bottle Deposit Bill Underway in TN

New effort underway for bottle deposits in Tennessee

A new effort is underway to require bottle deposits as a way to combat plastic waste in Tennessee. The Chattanooga Times Free Press reportsthat the Tennessee Bottle Bill Project, which is also known as TennCan, would place a 5-cent deposit on plastic containers that could be recouped by dropping empties off at redemption centers.

Supporters say the program could boost the current recycling rate of about 10% all the way to 80% or more. Bottle bills were once perennial legislative proposals, but had faded in recent years.

“What we’re trying to do is make Tennessee more sustainable by recovering some of the most valuable commodities in recycling stream, which are the beverage containers,” TennCan coordinator Marge Davis told the Times Free Press. “We want to keep them from becoming litter and make sure they go back toward manufacturing at the highest level possible.”

The bill will be sponsored by Sen. Frank Niceley, R-Strawberry Plains, while a House sponsor has yet to be nailed down.

“It’s really a jobs bill,” Niceley told the paper. “I’m a farmer, and the Farm Bureau has always been interested in this bill. They’re the ones who always get the cans and bottles in their hay fields and pasture fields. Listen, it’s not a tax. It’s a deposit, and it trains your young children to be conservative and to save. And it keeps plastic out of the ocean, that’s a big thing now.”

Similar deposit programs exist in 10 other states and in more than 40 countries and territories around the world.