TSRA partners with Pick Up for Pints

“PitchIn” Litter Project Gaining More Momentum – Please Sign Up:

We need help in getting the word out to sign up for the “Pick – Up for Pints” event on Saturday, January 22 in which folks will get a free pint of beer for picking up litter.  Please send out correspondence to team members to sign up for the events at https://www.pitchintn.com/getinvolved we are trying to get as many people to register and attend the statewide events.


Just go to the above website and when clicking on the link you can choose which region of TN (East, Middle, and West) to sign up for the brewery events.  Most of the events are at 11:30am or Noon this coming Saturday.  If you have team members sign up please have them wear a company identifying shirt etc…and have them take pictures to send to our lobbying team.  The official brochure is attached.  Let us know if you have any questions.


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Relevant Points of the 2021 Catalytic Converter Law

Relevant TN statutes regarding Catalytic Converters

62-9-101 – Definitions:

Catalytic converters are specifically included in the definition of “Scrap Metal” and a “Scrap Metal Dealer” is anyone who buys or deals in “scrap metal” – so a person buying or dealing in catalytic converters is a “scrap metal dealer.”

62-9-102 – a “scrap metal dealer” must be registered with the department of commerce and insurance and the registration includes listing each place of business of the scrap metal dealer.

62-9-103 – sellers of scrap metal to a scrap metal dealer must provide state of federally issued photo ID, and a thumbprint, which must be recorded by and maintained by, the scrap metal dealer, along with the license plate number and make and model of the delivering vehicle.

62-9-104 – an individual selling copper or a detached catalytic converter cannot be paid in cash.

62-9-105 – required records must be kept for 3 years on the site of the transaction, and records and any purchased scrap metal, can be inspected by any law enforcement officer, without a warrant.

62-9-109 – it is an offense to purchase scrap metal (catalytic converter) without registering as a scrap metal dealer, and is a Class A misdemeanor, UNLESS the value of the metal (catalytic converter) in its original and undamaged condition, in addition to any costs of repairing, exceeds $500, in which case the purchaser would be guilty of a Class E felony.

62-9-112 – this chapter generally does not apply to transactions between two registered scrap metal dealers.

62-9-115 – in addition to all of the requirements of Title 62, Chapter 9 (including the above), the following apply to transactions involving unattached catalytic converters:

Any person purchasing an unattached catalytic converter must be a registered scrap metal dealer, pursuant to 62-9-102.

Any person buying or selling unattached catalytic converters, must give written notification to the chief of police and sheriff of each city and county in which they are buying or selling such converters.

Purchases must take place at the fixed site of the scrap metal dealer, in person, OR

The scrap metal dealer must maintain a fixed site and obtain and maintains all ID and documentation required by 62-9-103 and 104, as well as the seller’s license or a copy of the documentation and vehicle registration, as required.

Used, detached catalytic converters may only be shipped between licensed entities.

A scrap metal dealer must make note in their records of any obvious markings on the catalytic converter.

** Possession and sale of detached catalytic converters is limited to:

  • Business or individual must have provided notice to local law enforcement (police or sheriff)
  • Only the following businesses may possess or sell used, detached catalytic converters:
    • A licensed motor vehicle dismantler and recycler (55-17-109)
    • A registered scrap metal dealer (62-9-102)
    • A licensed motor vehicle dealer
    • A licensed mechanic or licensed automotive repair facility
    • Any other licensed business that may reasonably generate, possess, or sell used, detached catalytic converters
  • An individual may possess or sell a used, detached catalytic converter ONLY if that individual possesses documentation indication that the catalytic converter(s) possessed by that individual is the result of a replacement of a catalytic converter from a vehicle registered in that individual’s name.

Any person not described above (and with proper documentation, including evidence of proper licensing and notification to local law enforcement), commits an offence and is presumed to be in possession of contraband, subject to seizure and forfeiture by law enforcement.

Violation (unauthorized sale or possession) is a Class A misdemeanor*, with each detached catalytic converter constituting a separated charge. The seller of a stolen catalytic converter is liable to the victim for the repair and replacement costs, as may be ordered by the court.

*NOTE – if the person can be shown to have purchased the catalytic converter(s), and they are not registered as a scrap metal dealer, and the value of the catalytic converter in its original and undamaged condition, plus repair costs, exceeds $500, the charge can be a Class E felony (62-9-109(c))

A licensed motor vehicle dismantler and recycler, or a registered scrap metal dealer may transport or sell used, detached catalytic converters to a process, smelter, or refiner.


2022 Winter Legislative Meeting

Dear TSRA Members,
We are excited to announce our 2021 legislative meeting in Nashville on Jan. 18th from 9-11AM. Here are the details:
Cordell Hull Legislative Building, Room 5C on 5th Floor
425 Rep. John Lewis Way N
Nashville, TN 37243
This meeting will be critical for us as we determine our legislative agenda for 2022. Topics we will cover include the following:
Bottle Bill
Converter Theft law
Environmental Justice
TSRA Office Elections
Membership Update
Lobbyist Update
In addition, if you would like to visit with your State Representative or Senator, please let us know and we will do our best to make it happen. Please send your request to me and I will forward it to Steve Buttry or Kim Adkins to follow up with you directly.
I look forward to seeing everyone next month!
Best Regards,
Ross Litz

2021 Summer Meeting Details

Dear TSRA Members:
I hope you all are having a wonderful summer and are planning on attending our annual summer meeting on July 30th! If you haven’t confirmed your reservation, please do so today with Andrew Rice ([email protected]). The cost of the meeting is $100.00 per person and payment can be made the day of the event with cash, credit card or via paypal (use [email protected]).
Please respond today with who will be attending from your company. In addition, if you are playing golf, please let Andrew know that as well.
Here are the meeting details:
Date: July 30, 2021
Time: 9AM-11AM CST, Lunch 11-11:30, Golf starts at 12PM.
Place: Gaylord Springs Golf Club
      18 Springhouse Lane
      Nashville, TN 37214
NOTE: For those coming in Thursday we are having dinner at Blue Moon Waterfront Grille at 6PM.
     525 Basswood Ave
     Nashville, TN 37209
We are planning a guest speaker this year. Can’t announce who yet but we are working to get confirmation. In addition, we will recap our legislative efforts this year which have been very successful.
Please make every effort to attend this meeting!
Thank you for all your continued support to TSRA!
Ross Litz

Catalytic Converter Press Coverage

Dear TSRA Members,
As you know July 1st enacted our new catalytic converter law we helped pass this year. So far, we have seen very positive feedback from law enforcement, Dept. of Commerce and Insurance as well as our legislators. Below are several press links for your review from across the state. The attachment is a video that you are free to use on your social media or website that was put together by the Dept. of Commerce and Insurance.
We hope to see very positive results in the years to come in the reduction of catalytic converter thefts.
Best Regards,
Ross Litz

2021 TSRA Summer Meeting and Golf Outing

We are happy to announce our Summer golf meeting will be held at Gaylord Springs Golf Links on Friday July 30th 2021. Hope you can all join us! Click the link below or email Andrew Rice to register for the meeting.
Name of the event:
TSRA Summer Golf Meeting
Cost per person: $100
Date: July 30th
Meeting Time: 9 am to 11 am
Lunch Time: 11 am
Golf Time: 11:45
Location: 18 Springhouse Lane
Nashville, TN 37214
More information to come soon.

TN Recyclers Recognized as “Essential Businesses” by State House

Dear TSRA Members,
Please see attached resolution that passed the House yesterday by unanimous vote. This resolution recognizes all TN recyclers, TSRA and ISRI for all of our support through the pandemic. We are recognized as “Essential Businesses” by the legislature.
Thank you for all who participated in getting this passed. This is a great way to bring recyclers recognition we all deserve!
Thank you!

Updated Zoom Link for Summer Meeting

Dear TSRA Members,

Please see updated Zoom link below.  You will not need to have two Zoom sessions as my email stated yesterday.  Thanks to Steve Levetan and Pullapart, we are able to have one session.  Please use the below link starting at 9AM on Friday.

oin Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 812 4993 1683
Passcode: 650611
One tap mobile
+13017158592,,81249931683#,,,,,,0#,,650611# US (Germantown)
+13126266799,,81249931683#,,,,,,0#,,650611# US (Chicago)

Dial by your location
+1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
+1 929 205 6099 US (New York)
+1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
Meeting ID: 812 4993 1683
Passcode: 650611
Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kbdZHbJN8f


Thank you,