TSRA partners with Pick Up for Pints

“PitchIn” Litter Project Gaining More Momentum – Please Sign Up:

We need help in getting the word out to sign up for the “Pick – Up for Pints” event on Saturday, January 22 in which folks will get a free pint of beer for picking up litter.  Please send out correspondence to team members to sign up for the events at https://www.pitchintn.com/getinvolved we are trying to get as many people to register and attend the statewide events.


Just go to the above website and when clicking on the link you can choose which region of TN (East, Middle, and West) to sign up for the brewery events.  Most of the events are at 11:30am or Noon this coming Saturday.  If you have team members sign up please have them wear a company identifying shirt etc…and have them take pictures to send to our lobbying team.  The official brochure is attached.  Let us know if you have any questions.


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