TSRA Summer Meeting Summary

Thank you to all who attended our summer meeting in Nashville last month. We had a great meeting and enjoyed meeting many new people who came for the first time. For those of you who couldn’t make the meeting, here is the summary:

Membership Update: We increased in members this year from 16 to 26 members! Keep up the great work of spreading the word to other scrap recyclers about what the TSRA is doing for them!

Dept. of Commerce and Insurance: Sarah Matthews did a great job of the new law that went into effect July 1, 2017 not requiring employees to have a scrap dealer license in TN. In addition, we discussed enforcement issues that several members are having with either cash for copper situations or unlicensed activity in regards to people acting as scrap dealers who are not licensed. If you have a complain, please file using your company name as the complainant. Visit TN.gov to file a complaint. If you have questions please e-mail me [email protected].

Radiation Services of TN – Chris Millsaps (a new member) spoke about his companies services in regards to registering X-Ray hand held machines in TN. He has several ways to save you money if you are not familiar. Please contact Chris for further info [email protected]

2017 -2018 plans – We need our legislatures to visit our yards! If you haven’t done so, please reach out to Steve Buttry (our lobbyist) and he will assist in making the appointments your State Senator or Representative. PLEASE DO THIS!!! Steve will attend the visit and set up all the specifics. Steve can be reached at [email protected]


We cannot expect to accomplish our goals for next year without your help on this issue. Next January we know that LKQ will try to pass the same bill again requiring all individuals who scrap 5 or more cars per year to be licensed. This year we held them off, next year we must be prepared. Please do your part and get to know your legislators. We will be calling on each member to help.

For the balance of this year, we plan to focus our time on establishing relationships with state leaders in every county where we have a member. We plan to have another meeting in early January just after the new year to discuss our legislative strategy.

Thank you again for each one of you! Without you, we would not have a collective voice in Nashville. We are getting known not only here in TN, but surrounding states are starting to notice what we are doing and look to follow.

Remember, all of us need each other when it comes to promoting recycling in TN!

Thanks again,


Ross Litz
President, TSRA