Passage of TSRA Bill to streamline record keeping at parts yards

Dear TSRA Members:
We are please to announce that our TSRA sponsored SB1491/HB 533 passed both Senate and House and will be signed into legislation starting July 1, 2019. We owe much gratitude to our bill sponsors Sen. Paul Bailey [email protected] and Rep. Timothy Hill [email protected]. Please take time to e-mail them a thank you for their work to get this bill passed. Especially if you are in their district, please let them know your appreciation! This bill passage is a major victory for all of us in the state especially those who sell used parts. Also, please send this to non TSRA members and let them know what we are doing for them. Invite them to join TSRA!
In addition, please see updates for all bills we are tracking this year. We have had a very successful legislative session. Thank you to all members who participated as needed to achieve this success!
We are on the home stretch now as the session should be closing in a few weeks. More updates to come!