January Meeting

Dear TSRA Members;
We are pleased to invite you to our winter meeting to be held January 24th at CMC Recycling in Chattanooga, TN. The meeting will start promptly at 10AM and should last until noon at the latest. The address is 2000 Washington Street, Chattanooga, TN. Contact Kip Kincer at [email protected] if you need directions.

This meeting will set the stage for our 2017 Legislative Strategy and discuss our goals for 2017. Below is an outline of topics that will be discussed and would appreciate all members to have a representative present. In addition, we hope to have a local State Rep. from the Chattanooga area in attendance as well.

Meeting Outline:

Legislative Agenda – Both of the topics below will be discussed and voted on whether to move forward or not as part of our legislative agenda.

A. Permit Registration Bill – We will present a plan to the members for approval to eliminate individual permits and have only permits by location. We have been in preliminary discussions with Dept. of Commerce and Insurance and feel this will get done but we need to have an open discussion and vote.

B. Low Impact Bill – This applies to those who sell “used parts”. This is an old law on the books from the 60’s that requires extensive record keeping of part numbers/ who buys parts etc… again, we will discuss and vote to carry forward or not.

Day on the Hill – Discuss a different strategy for 2017.

Member Host visits from State Legislators – Hear from those who have recently had visits with their local state senator/representative.

Lobbyist Update – Hear from our lobbyist of any changes going on at the state level.

Review 2017 TSRA Budget

ISRI – Southern Chapter update

Membership goals for 2017

Summer Golf Outing – Discuss

Open Discussion – This is a time for open discussion on any topics related to TSRA.

Members, please make every effort to have a representative at the meeting. This meeting sets the direction of TSRA for 2017! Thank you for all you all do to make Tennessee one of the leading states for recycling! Let’s work together to make TSRA bigger and stronger than ever.

Please respond to Rachel Wyatt as soon as possible so we know how many people will attend.

Best Regards,

Ross Litz