2017 Legislative Update

Dear TSRA Members:

What a year we have had so far in TSRA!  We are very pleased with what WE have accomplished this year together with everyone’s support.  i wanted to provide an update with just over a month to go until our “session” ends in Nashville.  Here are the high points thus far:
HB 285: This bill was brought up again this year with support from LKQ to require anyone who scraps 5 or more vehicles per year to obtain a “Scrap Dealer” license.  Once our lobbyist notified us of their intentions we went to work.  Many calls, emails and letters of opposition were sent by our members…THANK YOU!  In addition, we had support from ISRI Southeast and a strong argument of facts on our side to support our position.  I visited Nashville March 5th and 6th to meet with all members of the House Business and Utilities Commission.  The evening of the 5th, Steve Buttry (our lobbyist) and I sat down with the majority of the committee along with LKQ representative and their lobbyist.
After an hour meeting, we both had the opportunity to present our arguments.  Here are the points of discussion:
1. LKQ said we had the following problems: 1. Theft, 2. A cottage industry where people are running a business without a license. 3. We needed to know who was bringing in vehicles over 5 per year.
2. TSRA position was as follows: 1. 2017 we reported 137,000 vehicles scrapped.  287 theft alerts were generated (.002%).  We feel based on these numbers we DON”T have a theft problem in TN.
2. We have established a very good vehicle reporting system in TN which identifies all individuals who scrap vehicles.  Our system has worked great and been in place for two years.  We have seen theft go down over the past two years.  In addition, we argued that putting more requirements on our “core” customer is not needed and there is NO Enforcement to the bill.
3. Our “core” customer doesn’t need more regulations and that our scrap industry does a very good job of policing ourselves.
4. We invited LKQ to sit down with our TSRA leaders to discuss any challenges together and if we agree we can proceed on a united front.  I have yet to receive a call from LKQ.
The morning of the 6th, we were notified that the bill was not moving forward.  This is an outstanding victory for ALL Scrap dealers in TN as well as the TSRA!
Secondly, last week Steve Levetan, myself and Steve Buttry met with TDEC regarding “Solid Waste”.  We had a very positive meeting in regards to language in their rule making in regards to scrap dealers.  There will be more to come on this issue in the coming weeks.  Overall, they have a great “spirit of cooperation” with our team.
Lastly, please use this opportunity to reach out to your friends that are in the scrap business and let them know what TSRA/ISRI is doing on their behalf.  If they are not member’s please point them to TNSRA.com and ISRI.org to become members.  We cannot exist without members!!
Thank you for all you do for TSRA!  It is a pleasure to serve with you!